Driver Gratuities

Posted on 04/29/2013 in Ways to Save — Share this via


One of the most frequent questions we receive from customers is “how much should we tip the driver?”

We pride ourselves on the professionalism, conscientious, safe driving habits, and courteous service our drivers provide to our customers every single day. The best way you can express your group’s appreciation for the service our drivers provide is to extend a gratuity. While a gratuity is “customary, but not obligatory” we do encourage our customers to tip our drivers if they are pleased with the service.

Some groups take up a collection and give it to the driver at the end of the trip. Some groups set the money aside before the trip and present it to the driver at the pickup or at the completion of service. And some groups take advantage of our prepayment option and pay the gratuity in advance of the trip when they are making their final payment. All of these methods of paying the driver gratuity are perfectly acceptable.

The customary amount for driver gratuity is about $1.50- $2.00 per seat, meaning $75-$100 per day for full day service. Shorter trips would be proportionately less, approximately $50, however airport transfers which require extensive loading and unloading of luggage should be treated like a full day charter. The driver certainly earns his tip on these types of trips.

If your group chooses to prepay the gratuity, the amount is noted on the driver’s order and your driver will know before the trip that you have provided this gratuity for him. Your gratuity is added directly to his pay that week. But whatever method you choose is fine.

Extending a gratuity to your driver gives you and your group the opportunity to express your appreciation in a concrete and tangible way. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative and we will be happy to answer them!

Hopefully you find these guidelines useful.