Making the TCS New York City Marathon Run

Posted on 10/29/2014 in News, Sports & Universities — Share this via


The first Sunday in November has been circled on Academy’s calendar every year for more than two decades. The date corresponds to the running of the TCS New York City Marathon one of the largest annual events in the region and world. If you are a participant this year you will most likely ride one of our buses to the staging area in Staten Island near the starting line from Manhattan or New Jersey. The ride is one last opportunity to reflect on the 26.2 mile journey you are about to endure in the confines of the greatest city in the world. It may also be a final chance to stay warm before waiting in the staging area to start the race.

Our role for the event is certainly behind the scenes, but no less important to the overall success. Our task is clearly defined, move 40,000-plus participants to the staging area near the Verrazano Narrows Bridge from several locations in approximately four hours.

The challenge is broken up into several segments.  The general participants are collected from the Library on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, the Meadowlands Complex in New Jersey and the Staten Island Ferry port in Staten Island and transported to the staging area.  In recent years the Staten Island Ferry has been the most popular mode of transportation to the starting line.

Marathon morning buses for charities, event organizers and sponsors from various hotels to the staging area are also operated.

International groups who normally stay the whole week leading up to the event contract Academy for airport transfers, sightseeing tours and transfers to the staging area on marathon morning.

The TCS New York City Marathon is unique for Academy. It provides an opportunity for the company to shine not only as a bus operator, but also as a transportation coordinator. Months of planning by Academy staff alongside the New York Road Runners Club ensures that the transfer of the participants to the starting line is a seamless process.  It also helps to have dozens of Academy staff out on the streets volunteering to ensure a successful day.

We’re excited to be a part of the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon.  We’ll see you on Sunday.