Ways to Save on Charters

Posted on 04/16/2013 in Charter Insight, Ways to Save — Share this via


Over the years groups get caught up in the same travel patterns. They tend to travel at the same time on the same days year after year. Here at Academy, we price our charter trips based on a number of factors, including what the demand is anticipated to be at specific times of the years. This is the same thing the cruise lines and hotels have been doing for years. Busy (or peak) times of the year are sold for a higher rate, and slower (or off-peak) times of the year are discounted.

Our busiest times of the year for charter trips at Academy are April, May, June, August, September, and October. Our charter rates are higher during these months than any other time of year; however bargains can be had even during the busiest of times if you know when to travel.

For instance, most school trips in the spring take place on Thursday and Friday. Because the demand for buses is much higher on Thursdays and Fridays in the spring, the rates at that time are much higher, and the availability of buses is much lower.

However, if you are planning a school trip and you can make the trip on a Monday or a Tuesday instead of a Thursday or a Friday the savings are considerable…..up to 30%! If you normally travel on a Saturday and you can move your trip to a Sunday, the savings can be substantial as well: 10-20%. If you can make these slight adjustments in your groups travel plans, you can travel in the peak season you could save quite a bit over what the rates are at the peak times. Call our charter department for details at 1-800-442-7272 or visit our Instant Charter Quote page.